• Zu Philip Glass 'In der Strafkolonie' 6/24

    Mit sängerischer Brillanz und ausgestellter Interpretationsvielfalt feiert das Ensemble um Valdés-Stauber und Grossmann das Kafka-Jubiläum. Es scheut sich vor Gestaltung nicht, gibt aber zu erkennen: Wir wollen die Parabeln nicht entschlüsseln und die Paradoxien nicht auflösen. Die Fragen sollen brennend bleiben.


    In the end, music achieves what words can hardly do. Even if some voices fail, it overcomes the speechlessness. We hear and see, think and understand, remember and act. Hopefully!

  • On the CD release 'Mieczyslaw Weinberg' 12/2023

    Another noteworthy album from a formerly neglected Soviet figure. […] the Jewish Chamber Orchestra under Daniel Grossmann brings the accompanying rhythms and slight rawness of a folk band to perfection.

  • Award for the CD 'Mieczyslaw Weinberg' 11/2023

    Editor's Choice November 2023: The best new classical recordings

    A powerful performance by the Jewish Chamber Orchestra Munich under Daniel Grossmann of Weinberg; a significant addition to the composer's catalogue.

    […] In short, this is a fabulous disc, which immediately joins my shortlist of most urgently recommendable Weinberg recordings.

    Editors' Choice 
  • About the project 'Koffler's Fate' 11/2023

    This openness, which on the one hand remains unmistakable, but at the same time forces the listener to engage in their own debate, is a strength of this evening [... The JCOM uses] Koffler's works as artistic material to convey to today's audience how present the difficult past remains. And that is perhaps more sustainable than moving on to business as usual in false emotion.

  • To the concert Paul Celan 03/2023

    The JCOM overwhelms with Sarah Nemtsov’s Celan opera “Herzland”. […]

    Conductor Grossmann is a committed animator without any showmanship.

  • To the concert 'Jewish Jazz' 02/2023

    The large hall of the Kammerspiele is full to the last seat
    filled […] But the audience is not only present, it is blown away. [...] Anyone who seriously asks what is worth leaving the house for will get an answer: not for perfection, but for enthusiasm. Not for the "safe" option, but for passion.

  • About the CD release Fanny Hensel-Felix Mendelssohn 03/2022

    The recording […] impresses with the sensitive accompaniment of the Jewish Chamber Orchestra Munich under Daniel Grossmann.

  • To the Jewish New Year Concert 5782 10/2021

    …the good mood of the enthusiastic audience in the sold-out house reached an almost worrying level at the end.

  • To the concert Ullmann-Schulhoff 09/2021

    The JCOM under Daniel Grossmann plays an expressive concert in the workshop of the Kammerspiele.

  • Concert for the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, Berlin 02/2020

    Under the direction of Daniel Grossmann, the JCOM highlights the diversity of the musical language in brilliant balance. He delicately directs the small, powerful discharges that break out of the rather delicate tonal foundation. The ensemble's chamber music aspirations in particular benefit the interpretation.

  • To the Weinberg Festival 05/2019

    A clarinet calms an angry cello, then the two find themselves in dialogue. Music as a question-and-answer game. Whispering carpets of sound as if from outer space - it is all indescribably beautiful. And is presented intensely by an alert orchestra and brilliant soloists.

  • To the PERFORMANCE of 'Words & Music' 07/2016

    A sensitively working ensemble from the [JCOM] worked congenially with the conductor Daniel Grossmann and the voices of Götz Otto and Bibiana Beglau, who explored the limits of language with virtuosity and sensuality.

  • To the concert 'Chanukka' 02/2016

    What Daniel Grossmann and the [JCOM] brought to life in an almost magical and contemplative imagination was wonderful. […] A memorable evening [...]

  • To the Jewish New Year Concert 10/2015

    The Prinzregententheater was sold out - at the end there was a hell of a lot of clapping, singing and applause. [...] Especially in the second part of the evening there was a real fireworks display [...] and Daniel Grossmann also shone as a talented joke teller.

  • On the performance of 'The Emperor of Atlantis' 06/2008

    The chamber orchestra under the direction of Daniel Grossmann played with great care, very concisely, transparently and virtuosically.

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